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In Bulgaria most mobile telephones (referred to as GSM's in Bulgaria) with international roaming can be used, but in some instances calls may be restricted to calling their home country.
There are three types of pay telephone currently available in Bulgaria. The older former coin operated telephones now use 0.50 tokens that can be bought from many kiosks. There are two card operated telephones: Mobika (blue coloured telephones) and Bulfon (orange coloured telephones). Cards ranging in price from 4 to 25 Leva can be purchased from many kiosks, shops, and Post Offices.
International operator assistance can be obtained by dialling 0123.

Current postal rates for letters and cards up to 20g:
Overseas 0.85 Leva
Bulgaria 0.44 Leva
Postcards overseas 0.32 Leva
Postcards within Bulgaria 0.18 Leva

Internet clubs are everywhere, even in many small mountain villages, and prices are usually about 1 or 2 Leva per hour. Consequently, making a connection is relatively easy although in some rural areas the connection rate may be excruciatingly slow. Also, in rural areas the telephone system is mostly analogue that makes the use of modems problematic!