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Tanacetum argenteum (Edelwiess)
Scientific Tourism:

Derek & Lyubo are internationally renowned biologist and
Name that species!
ecologist, respectively, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive service for both amateur and professional scientists and scientific groups. At the ApartHotel we have established a small compact laboratory / conference room with stereo low- and high- powered microscopes and a small science library.

Bulgaria in the Balkan Peninsula was one of the two major dispersal routes into central and northern Europe
after the last ice-age. Today it is a major migratory pathway for birds. Nearby to the ApartHOTEL is Kresna gorge on the Struma river that is renowned for its sand-cliff dwelling bird
spp., and as a spring / autumn migratory route.

Bulgaria is also at the cross roads between Asia and Europe and consequently the incredibly rich fauna and flora reflects this transition zone.

Locally to the ApartHOTEL the diverse landscape and climatic zones range from Alpine to Mediterranean. The
Acrida ungarica
geology is fascinating with sedimentary and volcanic regions abutting each other. This unique area provides almost unlimited opportunities
Baikuschev mura (1300 years old!)
for the amateur and the professional alike to observe, record and study particular facets of the incredibly rich and unspoilt biodiversity and the environmental and ecological factors that determine the existence of the animal and plant life that collectively make this region an open air laboratory.

Nearby there is a rehabilitation sanctuary for "dancing" brown bears that offers a special opportunity to
Lacerta agilis; ApartHOTEL laboratory; Red squirrel
study animal behaviour. It is fascinating experience to observe the social interactions between the bears and to learn of their former treatment during their training and thereafter there life spent as entertainment.

The ApartHOTEL has been very carefully designed for maximum flexibility to enable us to cater for small
Tetrao urogallus; Accipiter gentiles; Water snake
scientific groups and workshops, and to provide excellent low-cost, high quality accommodation for student groups involved in field studies.

With our scientific experience and our contacts with colleagues in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences we are
Brown bears; Geum coccineum; Dianthus microlepis; Soldanella pusilla
fully confidently that we can provide superlative arrangements for scientific courses and field studies in all aspects of Ecological and Environmental sciences.

We endorse and embrace the simple but highly important LNT philosophy (leave no trace) and encourage all visitors, amateurs, professionals and students, to observe, record and study, and to leave our environment intact and unspoilt to allow others to enjoy its pristine natural magnificence.